Nancy Holderman(non-registered)
I am submitting a 2021 entry. Your photographs are of professional quality and for a personal respite I go into your internet site and look at all the photographs. I thank you for developing this online site! Since I lived in Wyoming as a child for 4-5 years (just south of Yellowstone) I yearn to return to that area for a visit. We went there about 10 years ago and there just are no words to describe the areas and animals you have captured thru your photography! Both of you, Heather and Rick are the true adventurers! Be it animals, scenery, or even beautiful leaves you leave me with photographs like no other I have ever seen. I encourage you to develop your coffee table book, as I have suggested for years! Mix the photographs up with your recipes of strawberry jam and photographs of your beautiful pups and you will provide the visual treat for those who purchase your coffee table book! (especially me!)

Thank you for all you do! I look forward to the continued photography!

Nancy H.
Gregg Wheeler(non-registered)
Wow! Great nature portfolio. What brand of camera do you prefer/use?
Nancy Holderman(non-registered)
No Words other than amazing! I will be visiting the site more as time allows. The photography on this site exhibits all the work you go to. Thank you.
Joan Aikens(non-registered)
You are an amazing artist & I just love viewing you phots.....all of them.
Your photos make a difference!
Thank you
John Learish(non-registered)
I love your work.
Danny Hall(non-registered)
I wanted to say thank you again for the amazing crop-duster print I purchased from you at the Art on the Green fair!!

One thing I didn’t mention at the fair, was that I received my BS in Graphic Design, and was an art director at an advertising agency for 12 years, before leaving to become an independent software developer. Your work in this print is truly exceptional, and I know of what I speak!!! I'm amazed every morning when I sit down to start my day at the care you must have taken in post-processing of this image - clipping masks, levels, curves, contrast…all of it combine to create an image that is a great blend of fine art and graphic art…something that’s dear to my heart just like the subject matter. To be able to capture an unexpected photo-op that well, and turn it into this print…well, you are truly talented! And again…great choice on the cropping...I love this piece to no end!!!!

I’ll be on the lookout for you next year…I’m sure I have some holes to fill elsewhere in the house. :)
Linda Gac(non-registered)
It was nice meeting you today at Art on the Green. I am amazed at how beautiful your photos are. You are truly talented. If I find a place for that fox in my house, I'll be sure to get in touch. All the photos are fabulous!!!!
Robert K Throckmorton(non-registered)
Simply wonderful
Jackie Skinner(non-registered)
Hi Heather,
I would like to punchase a few of your photographs for a model home that I am working on. I need some help from you in selecting which ones to group together. Grand opening will be after June 20th so can you call me when you have time to discuss?. My cell is 302-605-0630 I am off work Thursday & Friday 5/23. If you have some time either of those days.
I’m really excited about using some of your photos !
Thank you
Lovely Site, Continue the useful work. With thanks. cv
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